UNI Dicht cable gland 15xMxxUMzXz


product data sheet
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Dome nut Polycarbonate PC
Sealing insert TPE
Gland body Polycarbonate PC
Connecting thread metric, as per EN 60423
  • sealing insert for the installation of several single cables
Temperature range -20 °C
+100 °C
Protection grade IP65
IP68 if cable Ø = hole Ø
Comment please indicate required sealing insert, e.g. 150M16UM2x3

RAL 7035

Connecting thread standard length

A Di {nxDi} {nxDi} {nxDi} Verpackungseinheit VPE Part No.
mm mm mm
M16x1,5 2x1,2 2x3 2x4 - 50 150M16UMxZx
M20x1,5 1x3/2x6 2x5 2x6 4x3 50 152M20UMzXz
M20x1,5 4x4 6x3,5 - - 50 152M20UMzXz_1
M25x1,5 2x5 2x6 2x8 1x6/1x8 50 153M25UMzXz
M25x1,5 3x6 3x7 4x6 6x4 50 153M25UMzXz_1
M32x1,5 2x8 2x9 3x7 3x9 25 154M32UMzXz
M32x1,5 4x6 4x6,5 4x8 2x6/2x8 25 154M32UMzXz_1
M32x1,5 2x7/3x7S 6x5 6x5,5 6x6,5 - 154M32UMzXz_2
M32x1,5 8x5 - - - - 154M32UMzXz_3
M40x1,5 2x11 2x13 1x9/1x10/1x11 3x11 10 155M40UMzXz
M40x1,5 4x9 5x9 5x10 6x6 10 155M40UMzXz_1
M40x1,5 7x7 8x5,5 10x6 12x5,3 10 155M40UMzXz_2
M50x1,5 4x10,2 5x11,5 8x8 11x8 5 156M50UMzXz
M50x1,5 13x7 15x5 - - 5 156M50UMzXz_1