Explanation regarding transposition of Directive 2011/65/EU II (RoHS II dated 31.03.2015)

The products we have supplied to you are not directly within the scope of directive 2011/65/EU II (RoHs II, dated 31.03.2015).  

As a manufacturer for cable entry systems, cable glands, level measurement systems and accessories to these product groups, we label ourselves as downstream users. In reference to the above mentioned directives, we are in continuous contact with our suppliers and partners who assure us they will fulfil their RoHS responsibilities.

Based on our current knowledge, all Jacob products meet directive 2011/65/EU II (RoHs II, dated 31.03.2015). To ensure this is the case, we are in contact with our raw material suppliers and distribution partners.

The statements cannot be taken as an assurance in terms of a warranty. 

Here is a short summary of RoHs and the position name of JACOB GmbH as a document.

Change status: 15th 03.2017