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Our vision

With the Jacob brand and innovative connection and measurement solutions, we are successfully positioned in all sales channels worldwide.

Customer orientation
We maintain a trusting and long-term partnership with our customers. The skills of our employees and our performance as a company increase the added value for our customers.

As a modern family company in its fourth generation of leadership, we valuea management culture that is characterised by trust and respect and is oriented towards short decision-making processes, continuity and reliability.

With the expansion of our international business relations, we are able to form the basis for profitable growth that is helping to secure our future. Communication Our communication with employees, customers, suppliers and partners continuously improves mutual understanding and assistance.

We both encourage and expect openness, fairness and commitment and prioritise the company's aims above our own personal goals.

Our innovations and the creativity of our employees ensure our long-term future.

We are continually improving the quality of our products and processes, which in turn increases the level of satisfaction among our customers.

People and the environment 
The health of our employees and the topic of workplace safety are of great importance to us. 
Thanks to our responsible actions, we are helping to protect the environment through careful use of resources.