The Jacob company history at a glance!

Founded in 1922 by Wilhelm Jacob.
First production of brass turning parts - plugs and connectors for the electrical industry. Contact terminals for heating and cooking applicances lead to the slogan „Contact with and through Jacob“. Notable event on 18. March 1922:
In India, Mahatma Gandhi is sentenced to six years in jail for civil disobedience. However, he would serve only two years.
Construction of company´s own factory building and relocation to Fellbach, Germany. Manufacture of brass cable glands, sealing plugs, locknuts and lighting accessories. Notable event on 18. April 1951:
Treaty of Paris establishing the European Coal and Steel Community (ECSC) is signed. It comes into force in July 1952.
New generation: following the death of the company founder, the youngest son, Willy Jacob, takes over the management of the family business. Notable event on 16. June 1960:
Alfred Hitchcock`s Psycho is shown in American cinemas for the first time, with an advertising campaign ensuring queues at the box office.
Relocation to the present site in Kernen.
Production and sales, expecially of cable glands and accessories made of brass and plastic. Notable event on 18. June 1972:
Germany wins the European Football Championship in Belgium.
Founding of the subsidiary MAS - Jacob elektronische Mess- und Regelgeräte GmbH, development of a new factory building in Waiblingen. Notable event on 22. November 1986:
Following a knock-out victory in the second round against Trevor Berbick, 20-year-old Mike Tyson becomes the youngest ever heavyweight champion of the world.
Expansion of production at Kernen site through the construction of an additional production hall. Notable event on 18. March 1992:
Microsoft launches Windows 3.1.
Merger between Jacob GmbH and MAS. Development of the land bordering the former Friedel chocolate factory. Notable event on 14. September 2008:
With his victory at the Italien Grand Prix, 21-year-old racing driver Sebastian Vettel becomes the youngest Grand Prix winner in Formula 1 history.
Acquisition of the new logistics and assembly building - transfer of employees from Fellbach and Waiblingen to Kernen. Notable event on 25. June 2009:<br/>The King of Pop Michael Jackson dies at the age of 50.
Jacob establish a new subsidiary in China. The Jacob Electronic Components (Shanghai) Co. Ltd.. has its headquarters on the edge of Shanghai in Eastern China and produce for the Asian market. Notable event on 30.October 2011:
On the Philippines, Baby Danica May Camacho is welcomed as person.
90 years of Jacob!
In July Jacob celebrate with all employees and their family his 90th birthday. Notable event on 14.Oktober 2012:
The Austrian Felix Baumgartner jumps from 39 kilometers above the Earth and lands safely.
Expansion of the testing laboratory.

Notable Event on 13. July 2014:
The German national soccer team defeats Argentina at the Fifa World Cup in Brazil with one goal by Mario Götze in overtime. Germany wins its fourth World Cup title.
Renewal of the Department for turning technology. Notable Event on 11. Januar 2017:
The spectacular concert hall "Elbphilharmonie" in Hamburg will be held on January 11th.
The ten years of construction and the tenfold increase in costs are quickly forgotten when people perceive the new landmark of the City.
Product range enlargement of measuring technology to capacitive measurement, radar- and ultrasonic sensor technology.
Notable Event on 15. March 2019:
As part of the social movement "Friday for Future", more than 1.8 million people demonstrate for rapid and comprehensive climate protection measures in the first global climate strike.