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Connected by ambition.

That is our motto at Jacob. But it’s more than just a play on words – it is something we truly believe in. Just like our customers, we expect a lot from our products and services. As an experienced cable gland specialist, we’re used to dealing with tricky challenges.

“That was quick!” is a common refrain at Jacob when we respond – with our renowned speed – to inquiries from customers who have shown an interest in our cable entry systems. Our response time sparks a connection, especially as we take every task and request from our customers seriously.

We love it when our customers recognize our efforts, as this also demonstrates an appreciation of how important the interplay between product and service is in the industrial sector. And it really is! Even at this stage, the small, unassuming parts of our process chain can play a key role in the end result. If one component fails, it can bring an entire production line to a standstill – often with costly consequences.

But in the same way, almost every application hides beneath its surface unrealized potential. We have made it our objective to identify this potential and enable our customers to leverage it. To do this, we apply all our specialist knowledge as a problem solver in all matters relating to cable entry products. This approach has enabled us to turn underrated C parts into true all-rounders with the makings of hidden champions.


  • 1922: founded by Wilhelm Jacob. He presents his company at the Leipzig Trade Fair and starts to establish a global network
  • Production of brass turned parts for the electrical industry
  • Starting in 1972: production of plastic cable glands
  • Headquarter: Kernen, near Stuttgart, Germany
  • 200 employees, more than 5 % trainees and apprentices
  • Certified in acc. with
    ISO 9001:2015,
    ISO 50001:2011 und
    ISO 14001:2015